TENDER INVITATION No.402-04 MS: Purchasing16971 pcs of carbon blocks and sidewall


Date: 9th January 2024

IRAN ALUMINIUM COMPANY (IRALCO), Would like to invite eligible producers/suppliers for the supply of 16971 pcs of carbon blocks and sidewall on the basis of tender document (instruction and contract template). Interested companies may send their competitive offer till 20th January 2024, to below mentioned address

Address: PO Box 31, opposite Bahonar Park, Natural Resources Boulevard, Arak- Iran;

Postal code: 3818998116

Name of office: Secretariat of the Transaction Committee, Iranian Aluminum Company.

Attention:  Mr. Abedi ;Tel: +98 86 32162014

                  Mr. Omidi ;Tel: +98 86 32162015


  • If participants are not able to send sealed envelopes on the base of above-mentioned tender’s documents, they can send them through email to secretariat of the transaction Commission to email address. TO: tenders@iralco.ir
  • Received emails should be based on terms and condition of tender document and required supporting document should send in three separated envelopes (A, B)


Attention: For more information,

Mr. Shamsolahi (manager of commercial department); Tel: +98 8632162120;

Email: foreign@iralco.ir

– Mr. Shakeri (expert of Spare part & Machinery); Tel: +98 8632162414

Email: A.Shakeri@iralco.ir

For obtaining tender’s documents please click the attached files as below:

Tender Instruction 

Template of Contract     

Public Relations Department of Iran Aluminum Company