TENDER INVITATION NO. 1401-1005 FOR Cryolite


Regarding our previous tender under Ref. 1401-1005 we hereby extend mentioned tender till 01 -January- 2023


IRAN ALUMINIUM COMPANY (IRALCO), Would like to invite eligible suppliers for the  supply of2000 MT Cryolite (Na3AlF6) on tender basis.k

Interested companies are allowed to send their competitive offer till25 -December -2022 based on our required instruction to following addresses:k

Address 1: PO Box 31, opposite Bahonar Park, Natural Resources Boulevard, Arak- Iran

Postal code: 3818998116

Name of office: Secretariat of the Trading Commission, Iranian Aluminum Company

Attention: Mr. Omidi

Tel: +98 86 32162014

     Tel: +98 86 32162181

   Address 2: NO.49, Mollasadra Ave., Vanak Square, Tehran- Iran

Postal code: 1991614581

Name of office: Managing Director Office, Iranian Aluminum Company

Attention: Mr. Vesali

 Fax: +98 21 88049028

Tel: +98 21 88049024

:For obtaining tender’s documents and more information, please download attached file

Tender Instruction

Template of Contract

Public Relations Department of Iran Aluminum Company